Portrait of a Brown-spotted wrasse

Oh look! A Brown-spotted wrasse has floated by!

Oil and watercolor pencils on paper by Jude Cowell.


Return of the Western Blue Devil!

April 27, 2020: It's the Western Blue Devil swimming into Dreamyfish Art again!

Pencil portrait: Western Blue Devil, Paraplesiops sinclairi (Hutchins 1987) from the environs of Western Australia's southwestern waters and depicted here within his (her?!) favorite 'dream scenario' by Jude Cowell, an artful blend of Saturn (realism) + Neptune (visionary) which I count as a symbolic nod to my Sun Capricorn-Moon Pisces personality combination!

So nod your noggin, dear reader, if you know what I mean!!

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New! Portrait of a Northwest Anemone Fish

Well, it took a while but here's my completed Portrait of a rather charming Northwest Anemonefish, an Amphiprium rubrocinctus!

Also known as an Australian Anemonefish or Clownfish, this little fellow hangs around in the Indian Ocean and is localized to the Northern Territories and Western Australia where he enjoys yummy meals of algae and planktonic crustaceans whenever he gets a chance.

Image: Portrait of a Northwest Anemonefish; colored pencil on black paper; original photo by Richardson; imaginary dream surroundings added by yours truly because Dreamyfish Art is a Saturn (realism; botanical drawing) plus Neptune (art, visionary dream surroundings) = real + imaginary sort of thing. Most tropical fish exist in the darker realms of the sea so here we see them ensnared within their favorite dream scenarios, full of color and light!

View more tropical fish portraits and other stuff in my Jude Cowell Art Portfolio



Scuba Diving the Great Barrier Reef Red Sea Egypt Tiran Full HD!

Nope, the video mentioned in the title of this post is no longer available on YouTube because the owner's account has been removed. But here's a botanical fish portrait for you:

Image: Truncate coralfish of Western Australia by Jude Cowell


Friday June 16, 2017 and it's Cephalopod Week!

Friday June 16, 2017 begins Cephalopod Week until June 23rd! Grab your squid and invite all your octopi for a rollicking celebration of these most curious of Deep Sea Creatures!

Naturally cuddlefish are the life of any party...and here's one suddenly appearing now:

And you can tell by his looks that Octopus vulgaris never misses a chance to party!

Octopus vulgaris By Albert Kok at Dutch Wikipedia (Original text: Albert Kok) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


Coral Reefs Dying Off at an Alarming Rate: Climate Change 2017?

Here's a recent segment and interview from The Thom Hartmann Program concerning an alarming environmental catastrophe that's only getting worse:


Image: a Western Australian Knightfish (Cleidopus gloriamarus; aka, pineapple fish) seen here as he dreams of better days when abundant live coral sustained him and his bros; a pencil portrait by Jude Cowell (c).


Is This New? The Emerald Fish Investigate! by Jude Cowell

In real life, this drawing is hu-u-ge! Emerald Fish Investigate!; oil and watercolour pencil on black paper by yours truly Jude Cowell (c)1996--2020 and beyond; photo via a Samsung phone because the drawing won't fit a regular scanner bed at all even though images aren't as crisp as you and I would prefer. Yet I'm thinking a blurry phone snap creating an excerpt from my over sized drawings is about the only way that larger, long hidden illustrations will ever come out of their shells, yawning as they dare...

Wonderful You: You're in the Fish's Dream!

So if you may, consider this posting a tiny peep eye! to You from the emerald fishes who, admittedly, turn up quite often within my botanical fish portraits with their impossibly exotic backgrounds. Well, fish dream, too!


Perhaps it's mild synchronicity that today (Mar 2, 2017) such an investigation by the emerald fishes occurs at this moment here because in a related story about certain current events we discover that more research {is} needed into 'intrusive' seismic surveys: Western Australian fishing industry asserts. Or, perhaps the guilty parties should cease and desist causing harm to the environment making unnecessary their expensive studies (intended to delay action).

Those responsible should do what needs to be done or improve what needs improving. Like Obamacare. Improve it, don't kick millions of Americans to the curb without health insurance, you Washington blighters. Oops! Mea culpa! It's my indignation at in-breach-of-the-public-trust politicians who are nearly completely worthless as 'our' representatives. If Republicans and enabling Democrats proceed with their austerity measures, let's kick power elite freeloaders off taxpayer-funded health insurance programs for a year and see how they like it.

Astrological Neptune Erodes, Dissolves, and Veils

Intimidation, bribery, blackmail, pocket-lining, graft, fraud, insider trading, pay offs, favors, you name it. That's my former city of residence, the Virgoan-Scorpionic Washington DC. And though I miss the beauty of the place, to me its citywide Masonic architecture looks more and more mausoleum baby with each passing year while the Halls of Power grow dustier, draftier, and leakier by the Neptunian drop. Could the dripping sound We the People hear be pouring from our nation's 1776 Neptune in earthy Virgo?


Gulf of Mexico Suffers Third Oil Spill in two weeks- video

August 5, 2016 Serial Perpetrators: the fossil fuel industry strikes America's Gulf Coast again. The state of Louisiana and its human and animal inhabitants are under attack:


The Green Slime Attacking the Atlantic Coast - video

July 6, 2016: here's Thom Hartmann reporting on Florida's stinky, guacamole-thick algae bloom now affecting the Florida coastline and involving the Everglades, residents made ill, and animals in the Florida ecosystem. The algae love it!

Predictably, this engineered problem spotlights (among other things) the Army Corp of Engineers, poor management, chemical run off, septic systems, and ineffective spending which have made this year's bloom much worse. Then there are the politicians determined to blame President Obama for the mess for their own political gain (they hope) for as they know, misdirected blame allows them to neglect reparation of the actual problems:


The Mystery of Shell Grotto - video

So often it's bad news for oceans and the environment posted here on Dreamyfish Art but not today! Check out this too-brief tour of the mysterious Shell Grotto tucked underneath the British town of Margate:

Warm Regards and a Thank You to Great Big Story!


SeaWorld to End Captive Breeding of Whales!

Perhaps you've heard the very good news--that SeaWorld has agreed to end their captive breeding of whales! For more details you may wish to visit NPR.

Isn't it a major improvement when the human animal finally catches up with the intelligence and integrity of the animal kingdom? Makes for a pleasant change!


FUKUSHIMA: What the Media & Governments are not telling YOU - Anonymous reports

These days freakishly huge sea creatures are turning up in various locations but don't worry, say government officials, Fukushima radiation isn't the problem at all!!!


In Astrology, planet Neptune (ancient god of the sea) describes a variety of concepts such as all liquids and gases, bodies of water including oceans, the sea creatures that inhabit the waters, and the toxins and chemicals that harm them. But astrological Neptune also inspires such realms as photography, film, acting, dancing, illusion, magic, and masks such as the one you see, above. Even anonymity peeks from veiling Neptune's bag of tricks.

So if you'd care for some lighter Neptunian content than radiated sea monsters, why not mosey over to my brand new blog Neptune's Silver Screen where horoscopes, film clips, and bios of Famous Film Stars are spotlighted--just be sure to BYOP (bring your own popcorn)!