New! Portrait of a Northwest Anemone Fish

Well, it took a while but here's my completed Portrait of a rather charming Northwest Anemonefish, an Amphiprium rubrocinctus!

Also known as an Australian Anemonefish or Clownfish, this little fellow hangs around in the Indian Ocean and is localized to the Northern Territories and Western Australia where he enjoys yummy meals of algae and planktonic crustaceans whenever he gets a chance.

Image: Portrait of a Northwest Anemonefish; colored pencil on black paper; original photo by Richardson; imaginary dream surroundings added by yours truly because Dreamyfish Art is a Saturn (realism; botanical drawing) plus Neptune (art, visionary dream surroundings) = real + imaginary sort of thing. Most tropical fish exist in the darker realms of the sea so here we see them ensnared within their favorite dream scenarios, full of color and light!

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