Is This New? The Emerald Fish Investigate! by Jude Cowell

In real life, this drawing is hu-u-ge! Emerald Fish Investigate!; oil and watercolour pencil on black paper by yours truly Jude Cowell (c)1996--2020 and beyond; photo via a Samsung phone because the drawing won't fit a regular scanner bed at all even though images aren't as crisp as you and I would prefer. Yet I'm thinking a blurry phone snap creating an excerpt from my over sized drawings is about the only way that larger, long hidden illustrations will ever come out of their shells, yawning as they dare...

Wonderful You: You're in the Fish's Dream!

So if you may, consider this posting a tiny peep eye! to You from the emerald fishes who, admittedly, turn up quite often within my botanical fish portraits with their impossibly exotic backgrounds. Well, fish dream, too!


Perhaps it's mild synchronicity that today (Mar 2, 2017) such an investigation by the emerald fishes occurs at this moment here because in a related story about certain current events we discover that more research {is} needed into 'intrusive' seismic surveys: Western Australian fishing industry asserts. Or, perhaps the guilty parties should cease and desist causing harm to the environment making unnecessary their expensive studies (intended to delay action).

Those responsible should do what needs to be done or improve what needs improving. Like Obamacare. Improve it, don't kick millions of Americans to the curb without health insurance, you Washington blighters. Oops! Mea culpa! It's my indignation at in-breach-of-the-public-trust politicians who are nearly completely worthless as 'our' representatives. If Republicans and enabling Democrats proceed with their austerity measures, let's kick power elite freeloaders off taxpayer-funded health insurance programs for a year and see how they like it.

Astrological Neptune Erodes, Dissolves, and Veils

Intimidation, bribery, blackmail, pocket-lining, graft, fraud, insider trading, pay offs, favors, you name it. That's my former city of residence, the Virgoan-Scorpionic Washington DC. And though I miss the beauty of the place, to me its citywide Masonic architecture looks more and more mausoleum baby with each passing year while the Halls of Power grow dustier, draftier, and leakier by the Neptunian drop. Could the dripping sound We the People hear be pouring from our nation's 1776 Neptune in earthy Virgo?

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