Fukushima, Monster Shrimp Off Florida Coast--and a Gigantic Creepy Spider?

A giant 18-inch shrimp-like creature has been fished from the waters off the Florida coast and you've probably seen a photo by now. The article states that there's a "power plant" nearby and one must wonder if that means a nuclear power plant. Or is the escaped Fukushima radiation that's ruining the world's oceans caused such massive creatures as this crustacean? Fukushima seems to have triggered and inspired the cyclical return of mutant giant spiders on video and film that everyone is freaked out by lately--except that the creepy spiders are only pranks or movie props.

Actually YouTube has plenty of spider videos if you're interested in searching for them--have at it!

You know, since the (forever ongoing) Fukushima nuclear disaster of 2011 I can't bring myself to add "Save Our Oceans" as I once did to my occasional entries on Dreamyfish Art for I do loathe the sinking feeling that it's way too late.

And not being a fan of shrimp of any kind (they taste too fishy for me as does caviar) perhaps the only portrait I've ever drawn that even remotely relates to this yucky topic is of a Pinkspot shrimp goby from the waters of Southern Australia.

Oh dear! Pinkspot isn't the cutest fellow lurking in the pond, is he?

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