Why Are Northwest Salmon Dying in Huge Numbers?

This is distressing news: Why Are Hundreds Of Thousands of Salmon Dying In The Northwest? published on July 29, 2015 and written by Natasha Geiling.

Warm water which gives bacteria and other threats a good place to dwell is an immediate cause but as you know, these are symptoms of a wider problem. Will loss of salmon boost sales of genetically modified salmon?


However, 'Salmon Are a Huge Economic Resource in the Pacific Northwest':

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"Vicious Beauties - The Secret World of the Jelly Fish" (documentary)

If the following awesome video is eventually removed from Dreamyfish Art I hope you'll search for it on YouTube!

Presenting: "Vicious Beauties - The Secret World of the Jelly Fish":


Undersea Realms of Nereids and Sea Nymphs

While it may be true that Greek Mythology is not a usual topic here at Dreamyfish Art mermaids and various undersea creatures are and so I highly recommend to you a special treat: "The Nereids: Fifty Sea Nymphs" with marvelous paintings included/ Enjoy!


Fukushima, Monster Shrimp Off Florida Coast--and a Gigantic Creepy Spider?

A giant 18-inch shrimp-like creature has been fished from the waters off the Florida coast and you've probably seen a photo by now. The article states that there's a "power plant" nearby and one must wonder if that means a nuclear power plant. Or is the escaped Fukushima radiation that's ruining the world's oceans caused such massive creatures as this crustacean? Fukushima seems to have triggered and inspired the cyclical return of mutant giant spiders on video and film that everyone is freaked out by lately--except that the creepy spiders are only pranks or movie props.

Actually YouTube has plenty of spider videos if you're interested in searching for them--have at it!

You know, since the (forever ongoing) Fukushima nuclear disaster of 2011 I can't bring myself to add "Save Our Oceans" as I once did to my occasional entries on Dreamyfish Art for I do loathe the sinking feeling that it's way too late.

And not being a fan of shrimp of any kind (they taste too fishy for me as does caviar) perhaps the only portrait I've ever drawn that even remotely relates to this yucky topic is of a Pinkspot shrimp goby from the waters of Southern Australia.

Oh dear! Pinkspot isn't the cutest fellow lurking in the pond, is he?


Sea sweep (scorpis sequipinnis), a fish portrait by Jude Cowell

Oh, look, it's a pencil portrait of a Sea sweep, scorpis sequipinnis (Richardson) from Recherche Archipelago (Western Australia) and he's here to favor us both with a peek at his botanical portrait, my attempt to capture in pencil his natural insouciance.

As if!

June 2014: Sea Star Wasting Syndrome alarming

Sea Star Wasting Syndrome they're calling it and Living On Earth, the June 20, 2014 edition, covers the distressing news of what may be a case of poisoning from consuming contaminated mollusks. Sea Stars do love their mollusks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and scientists are scratching their noggins over what's dissolving the Sea Stars on the Northwest Pacific Coast and elsewhere. The victims are key animals in the environmental hierarchy of the seas.

Here's a suggestion: perhaps the Pacific Ocean's radiation poisoning is affecting mollusks (who soak up everything) and other food sources--or even the Sea Stars themselves--due to the 2010 Fukushima nuclear meltdown that continues to contaminate the planet and our oceans? Why, what a silly idea!

After all, what could I possibly know about sick Sea Stars. Hmmm.

Note: here is a direct link to the Living On Earth 'Sick Sea Stars' feature in case it remains available on this blog: LOE.org.


Photo captures childlike wonder at the Tennessee Aquarium

You too may experience wonder at the Tennessee Aquarium!
April 28, 2014: Two poppets visit Chattanooga to hang out with the playful otters, gorgeous fish, and personable penguins. Besides, who doesn't love otters? Photo by Maya Henderson, owner-creator of French Honey Art Pendants Shop @etsy.


'Judge Johnny Oliver' rules on Halliburton concrete (video)

BP and Halliburton knew two months before the Deepwater Horizon blow-out that Halliburton concrete was compromised and the recent legal judgment against Halliburton doesn't measure up for The Daily Show's 'Judge Johnny' who gavels a more appropriate ruling:

Warning: parts of this video may not be appropriate for all ages.

You know, when the tragic fiasco in the Gulf of Mexico happened in 2010, I remember posting that if Halliburton was responsible for the concrete, we may have already discovered one of the main culprits in the case. Or words and suspicions to that effect.


Solar Dishes for Electricity and Fresh Water!

No, 'Solar Dishes' are not yesterday's lunch plates left outside for the sunlight to disinfect!

My question is: can the new Solar Dishes help answer many of our environmental issues?

Myself, I'm pining for a Solar Dish for generating electricity and fresh water! Are you?


Why Does This Species of Fish Migrate? BP Oil Spill in the news

Well, here's a Curious Fish Fact: 80% of a species of freshwater fish, the Common roach fish (Rutilus rutilus) migrates to nearby streams in order to keep from becoming a predator's dinner. Little smarties!

And while it's true that in the last several months I've had no time for drawing botanical fish portraits, fresh or salty, I am remiss in updating Dreamyfish Art due to a new member entering our family in 2012--yet I thought you might want to get the scoop on roach fish! Babies do have schedules of their own, don't they?

So here's a tidbit on the current courtroom drama in which the judge watchs former BP head Tony Hayward's testimony about BP's 2010 spoilage of our Gulf Coast.

Now here's the usual message of this blog brought to you by the Ornate butterfish you see pictured below:

Save Our Oceans!