"Fukushima Two Years On" (video)

Fukushima Two Years Later (video)

No, this isn't a mild little Dreamyfish Art post with my pencil portraits of happy little tropical fish starring in their favorite dream scenarios. This is a video embed about a very serious problem that the mainstream media in the US won't say much about...and when they do, they downplay its severity:

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'Judge Johnny Oliver' rules on Halliburton concrete (video)

BP and Halliburton knew two months before the Deepwater Horizon blow-out that Halliburton concrete was compromised and the recent legal judgment against Halliburton doesn't measure up for The Daily Show's 'Judge Johnny' who gavels a more appropriate ruling:

Warning: parts of this video may not be appropriate for all ages.

You know, when the tragic fiasco in the Gulf of Mexico happened in 2010, I remember posting that if Halliburton was responsible for the concrete, we may have already discovered one of the main culprits in the case. Or words and suspicions to that effect.


Solar Dishes for Electricity and Fresh Water!

No, 'Solar Dishes' are not yesterday's lunch plates left outside for the sunlight to disinfect!

My question is: can the new Solar Dishes help answer many of our environmental issues?

Myself, I'm pining for a Solar Dish for generating electricity and fresh water! Are you?


Why Does This Species of Fish Migrate? BP Oil Spill in the news

Well, here's a Curious Fish Fact: 80% of a species of freshwater fish, the Common roach fish (Rutilus rutilus) migrates to nearby streams in order to keep from becoming a predator's dinner. Little smarties!

And while it's true that in the last several months I've had no time for drawing botanical fish portraits, fresh or salty, I am remiss in updating Dreamyfish Art due to a new member entering our family in 2012--yet I thought you might want to get the scoop on roach fish! Babies do have schedules of their own, don't they?

So here's a tidbit on the current courtroom drama in which the judge watchs former BP head Tony Hayward's testimony about BP's 2010 spoilage of our Gulf Coast.

Now here's the usual message of this blog brought to you by the Ornate butterfish you see pictured below:

Save Our Oceans!


The Story of Bottled Water (video)

Since Dreamyfish Art is all about fish, oceans, and water, here's an important video, The Story of Bottled Water, which you may find informative:

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However, another watery consideration (with Neptune now traversing its own watery sign of Pisces!) is that America's water infrastructure is elderly, deteriorating, corroded, and in need of serious overhauling which was made even more apparent by the destruction brought to our East Coast by Hurricane Sandy.


Two Years On: Sick Fish at BP Spill Site

BP Oil Fiasco Keeps on Giving Death and Destruction

Open sores aren't the only indication of BP's oil 'spill' damage to Gulf Coast wildlife as Ornate butter fish discovered while surfing the Net...

Illustration: Ornate butter fish, Pentapodus porosus; habitat: Exmouth Gulf, Western Australia; oil & watercolour pencil drawing by Jude Cowell; all rights reserved by artist.


In the Dreamyfish Art spotlight: Fish v Turtle video!

Contenders! Guess who wins this undersea tussle?

Economic analysis excludes BP Deepwater Horizon fiasco!

How crazy is this?

Because how rigged that the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in 2010 is completely left out of calculations affecting future plans being made to drill drill drill...

Rigging numbers--and in this case, leaving out a major event altogether--causes results and conclusions to be skewed, and it's easy to see who benefits from this flawed analysis.


West Coast forage fish in danger 11.4.11

Hello again, fellow fish lovers!

Oceana has released a new report concerning dangerous conditions of West Coast forage fish which you may wish to check out.

Now you know I have no drawings of forage fish from the West Coast in my files but here's a little fellow you may have met before who'd like to say, Hi! and weigh in support of his foraging cousins...

This is my pencil drawing of a Pale sweetlips from Western Australia. But here are some other sweetlips specimens with photos and details.

To save ourselves, we must Save Our Oceans!


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