A mystery of dead sparrows in New Zealand (poll)

More Mysterious Bird Deaths February 5, 2011

Rotorua, New Zealand has now seen its own dead birds mystery and this time sparrows have fallen on Rotorua's city streets.

"Storms" are the official guess as to the cause of the deaths yet one must wonder why other storms have not led to the same disturbing outcome. Poison? Eating other creatures contaminated with insecticides or other chemicals?

Governmental experiments? Criminal activities of some kind?

Or is the Magnetic North Pole Shift now in progress messing with their internal directional systems and making them unconscious

Could the pole shift be behind recent mass fish deaths as well? Beached whales and dolphins come to mind.

A basic surmise must include the fact that birds move through air while fish move through water. Air and water. Contamination and pollution. Or is there a more direct and nefarious human cause such as scientists who aren't fessin' up?

What do you think?

Please take a moment to answer the poll, upper right. Sonic booms are not on the list but if you think they may be involved, please leave a comment and say so.

No fish portrait today. Just a little Painted bunting flown in from Secret Moon Art to express solidarity with his feathered brethren everywhere. He looks sad, doesn't he?

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