Coral the Mermaid hearts Aquatic Acoustics!

You know how the sound of ocean waves is lulling to human ears? Well, sounds are what keep sea creatures in business and their lives on course. But human beings are making it more and more difficult for denizens of the deep to survive as our sounds drown out theirs.

Accordingly, Coral the Mermaid (a brand new drawing by yours truly) has floated by to make certain you haven't missed Living On Earth's feature on the important topic of Aquatic Acoustics.

Click to read the LOE interview text or listen to the audio, whichever you prefer! And say Hello to Coral, your siren messenger from the deep blue sea...

Coral the Mermaid (c) by Jude Cowell.

More Dreamyfish Art images of fish and mermaids are available for browsing in my Jude Cowell Art Shop @ Zazzle so do float on by when you can!

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