Mysterious dead birds and fish now a global phenomenon

Now it's fish, crabs and other animals turning up mysteriously dead in various places across the planet.

So far, the comments of scientists that I've heard or read on the topic are sounding disingenuously stupid as they make ridiculous excuses for what has quickly become a global phenomenon. And it may be closer to the truth to read the dead bird catastrophe in tandem with another sad case uncovered in the dim light of the December 21, 2010 Lunar Eclipse at a crisis degree (29Gem): the murder of biological weapons expert John P. Wheeler, a former (or current?) Pentagon analyst who was not in favor of the US using biological weapons.

The Bush-Cheney-Obama wars in Iraq and Afghanistan may be implicated as well, so don't follow either of the links in this post if you're not serious about facing the possibilities you may discover concerning the US government.

(If you click, be aware that some Astrology is involved but not to fret, my posts are always written in English. Besides, you'll find interesting links to click upon, too.)

Do you think it odd that this week's season premiere of V came on TV with a mysterious 'red sky' frightening the earthlings and now dead birds are mysteriously falling from the sky and millions of dead fish are washing ashore?

Well, unfortunately the word of the week, month, or year may turn out to be: phosgene.

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