Portrait of a Cardinalfish w/ photos of his cousins

When Cardinalfish comes out to play
the smaller fishies speed away!

Actually I don't know if all the smaller fishies speed away. Perhaps some of them mosey away but no one could blame them for this yellow Cardinalfish seems poised for quick action...even if only in his private dreams here in the Dreamyfish Art Gallery!

Now I am about to do something I don't think I've ever done on this Save Our Oceans blog: pass along a link to a site that sells fish: their page displays photos of reputedly available Cardinalfish of which there are many in glorious colors and stripes. J'adore the blue one!

Personally I'd want to research a fish-procuring company's policies and methods concerning how they procure their offerings to the public of tropical and other fish. Sounds quite lucrative, doesn't it? Especially if certain other wildlife specimen are included in their product line.

However, one reason the link is being included is the paragraph at the bottom of its webpage with info (which has nothing to do with stalking, Australian dentists stealing Clownfish, or with denuding coral reefs of their denizens) that tells how various lighting in aquariums affect the colors of the fish you might order online - and the fact that AquaCon cannot gurantee your fish will look or be the same color or shade of color as you saw online. So there. Seems fair to me.

But tell me: why do some companies use the word con in their names if they want the public to trust them? Oh well. Enjoy the fish photos, they're lovely. But our yellow fellow's mugshot is not among the finny panoply!

Or is he.....?

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