Rare Species Netted in the Philipines!

Sea Basin Expedition Nets Rare Species from the Celebes Sea south of the Philippines, a biologically diverse area of ocean.

Some possibly 'new' species include a transparent sea cucumber, a spiny 10-tentacled orange worm, and a black jellyfish. Follow the AP article's link to see a photo of some of these rare denizens formerly hidden so well from our view.

And since I've never drawn a black jellyfish (didn't know there were any!) here's a noble re-post of a white jelly, titled,Jelly's Leavin' by yours truly using Prismacolor oil pencils and Rexel Derwent Watercolour pencils.

Neptune's realm is giving up some of its mysterious species, it seems, and Neptune rules fish and fishing 'nets' too!

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