Romance in the Moonlight: Corals in Blue

There's a new study on how reef-building corals are inspired to rendevous in response to silvery moonlight--especially when it's blue-tinged. For a few nights after Full Moons, they 'get it on' and little baby corals are the happy result.

Moonlight Spurs Coral to Spawn and make romance!

And I've just discovered a blog on the books and work of Rachel Carson, called Rachel Carson Centennial Blog which reminds me that Carson was fascinated with grunions, a small shimmery fish that makes romance (okay--lays eggs) on California beaches at the highest tides of the warmer months.

Perhaps, like corals, they're inspired by the silvery moonlight!

Image: Pattillo Armadillo walks under the pond drawing by jude cowell 2007

from Pattillo Armadillo and the Dream of Green (c) 2007

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