Pisces: Two Fishes

An Art representation for you of the two fishes of the zodiac. One fish swims upward, one down, for Pisces may go in either direction and often feels trapped between two worlds.

Yet most real-life fish do not choose to swim downstream although it's the easiest and most dangerous way to go. Fish need dynamic stability created by swimming against the current even though they may make no apparent forward progress. Which world, which way? is the question for those born under the sign of the two fishes.

And you don't have to have your Sun in Pisces (Feb 19--Mar 20) to be Piscean for other planets in the oceanic sign will qualify you for Pisceanhood, such as Moon, or having a stellium (3+) planets there.

Pisces is the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac, the end of the cycle of worldly experience and it contains all the other signs within it. It is the sign of sacrificial service, infinite compassion, and vicarious suffering, and is traditionally connected to the advent of the Messiah.

Otherwordly, spiritual Neptune, ruler of the seas, is associated with Pisces but the sign's traditional ruler is Jupiter, associated with philosophy and codified religion. (Being a Saturnian astrologer, I only use traditional planets as rulers of signs. The outer planets--Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are higher frequency, transpersonal planets. That's just the way I roll.)

In fact, many Pisceans live within the sound, if not the sight, of a body of water.

Pisces is the most inspirational and psychic of all the signs (I know--my natal Moon is there!) and as such it represents the meeting place of matter and spirit upon the plane of emotionality.

In Astrology, the Tertiary Progressions (based on the movements of the Moon and beginning with the birth chart) give us information on this emotional/intuitional plane and describes the much-touted mind-body connection we all must navigate in life. Blended with natal Moon information, it's a lot to consider yet most people agree that emotions influence health.

Is imagination more real than reality? Then you've just met a dreamy Pisces!

People of the artful Pisces persuasion can be exasperating, downright perverse, contradictory and vague...but can also be the soul of kindness.

So you may wish to get to know a Pisces today--even if you're one yourself!

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