Giant Red Kelp revealed...

...to be...

Giant Red Kelp!

A few goldfish busy themselves nearby as they plan for their futures.

Other specimens of artist-invented plants waft along with gentle, imaginary currents undersea as the ubiquitous bubbles arise from unseen gills and escape upward, toward the one ray of skylight.

This drawing reflects my continued aim to blend on paper the earthy realism which Saturn represents with the nebulous, mystically spiritual Neptune of the watery realms.

Spiritual aspirations are the province of Neptune's trident, and Neptune's links to Pisces, the two fish swimming in opposite directions, and to Creativity, make it a seductive muse perfect for artwork, music, literature, and film...dissolving Neptune is the urge to merge, while Saturn hardens and solidifies.

Want to have your most flattering photo taken?

Do it when Neptune connects with your Venus, or when Venus links up to your Neptune.

Start with beautiful Venus as the Attraction Principle, then add Neptune to diffuse light and cast your visage piquantly inside a rosy glow...you'll be a *smash, Dahling...it's one of the magical effects of Neptune's Veils!

*harmonious relationship between Venus and Neptune in the natal chart may be required for best results; offer not valid outside solar system.

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