US Fish & Wildlife Service's gag order

Imagine, the Fish and Wildlife Service, the very people charged with watching over the animals here in the U.S., writing a gag order for scientists on their staff. That's exactly what happened in late February, when Craig Perham and Janet E. Hohn received travel approval from their superiors with a big catch - don't talk about global warming or how it's affecting animal populations, especially polar bears.

Unfortunately, the Bush Administration continues to cover up the facts and cater to oil and coal companies. But it's time that it stopped.

Remove the gag orders, let the truth flow about global warming so that we can pass the Safe Climate Act and make real progress while we still have time.

Click on the link below or copy and paste it into your web browser to email the Fish and Wildlife Service, and ask them to stop censoring scientists. We need more discussion about global warming, not less.


Then, ask your friends and family to help by forwarding this post on to them.#

Save the Oceans!

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