Breaksea cod

Welcome to Dreamyfish Art by Jude Cowell!

Here you see a tropical fish from Geographe Bay, Western Australia. His full name is Epinephelidea armatus, but he answers to Breaksea cod.

A lifelong artist who happens to be fond of tropical fish, I have combined here the Saturnian realism of Capricorn - whose oldest archetypal symbol is the mer-goat - with the visionary qualities of Neptune's Pisces to create dreamlike scenarios for...Dreamyfish.

Fish are drawn as botanically correct as I can make them, but the backgrounds are figments of someone's imagination.

Saturn realism + Neptune dreaminess = Dreamyfish! Because fish dream, too...

Now Neptune's realm is the sea, of course, and if you know anything about Astrology at all, you are familiar with the two fishes of Pisces...one swimming upwards and one swimming down. These Dreamyfish are at their best within their dreams - kind of like a lot of people I know!

Putting Neptunian symbols or images (Neptune's realm includes film, illusions, dreams, veils and masks, among other things) into Saturnian form seems a likely project for a Sun Capricorn/Moon Pisces like yours truly, and I hope you'll visit this gallery often for here you may have a sneak peek into their most favorite dreams...and with no one the wiser!

Some cool fishy links will be added as time permits, and your comments and queries are most welcome.

Please email for Dreamyfish PostCard info, or see the Moorish idol for details.

Full color prints are $35 plus postage.

Ok, now get your snorkels ready...it's time to swim with the Dreamyfish!

-Jude Cowell Dec 19 2005 7:40 pm, actually

ps: That's "Coh' wull", not "cow" as in moo-cows or Simon...fyi!


UPDATE 2008: this very drawing of Breaksea cod is now available for your Downloading purposes or in Art Print form from my Lulu Storefront so swim by when you may!

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