Dr. Samantha Joye on Gulf Coast's hopes for quick recovery

Brown-spotted wrasse, a Dreamyfish Art pencil portrait drawn by Jude Cowell.

Even with ten blogs to my credit, it isn't often I get to cite an article from my hometown newspaper, the Athens Banner-Herald, concerning a topic of national interest. Yet today I can because recent remarks by UGA marine biologist, Dr. Samantha Joye, known for her study of the BP-Gulf Coast oil blowout and its effects on marine life, are published for our consideration.

Apparently, BP is glowingly touting that the Gulf of Mexico and its damaged waters and coastline will be good-to-go next year! But Dr. Joye, in a flurry of realism based on scientific knowledge and experience, begs to differ with BP's rosy scenario.

And I suspect that any Brown-spotted wrasse possessing a measure of common sense would agree with Dr. Joye, don't you?


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