Red Sea oil spill said to be contained!

Good news! The June 18 Red Sea Oil Spill is now successfully contained and under control, reports the excellent X-RAY MAG.

And here you see a portrait of a little Western footballer from Western Australia who's very pleased to hear the good news concerning his Red Sea cousins.

Wonder if there are any lessons from the Red Sea for cleaning up the BP-Gulf Oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico? For there seems to be no mop big enough to contain the worst environmental disaster is US history (so far.)

Well, The Daily Green provides freshly updated reports on how the Gulf Coast and ocean clean-up efforts are going and how the folks in the devastated region are managing (to the extent that they are.)

But one person didn't manage at all, for I'm very sorry to note that the BP Oil disaster and its dire effects have caused one ship captain to commit suicide. He'd been helping with BP's clean up efforts but it was all too much for him.

How very very sad and this blogger sends out heartfelt condolences to his family.

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