Moonlighter hails weekend's Full Moon in Cancer

Moonlighter has dropped by to celebrate this weekend's Super Full Moon in Cancer, sign of the crab. 'Super' because Moon is at perigee, Luna's closest approach to earth for all of 2009.

As you know, Cancer is a Water sign which conjures up oceanic visions of primordial ooze, and this little Western Australian Moonlighter may have been hatched under Cancer's rays...who knows?

And you may wish to view the horoscope chart of the Full Moon (21Can02) with details.

There will be a Mystic Rectangle pattern overhead as well as a YOD, or Finger of God, pattern superimposed one over the other.

As usual, I've set the chart for Washington, DC with a squinty eye cast toward political thespians because that's how I roll - with Political Astrology, aka Mundane Astrology, when I'm not at my drafting table drawing little fishies.

Check it out if you get a mo!

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