Polka dot boxfish

This Polka dot boxfish, Ostracion cubicus Linnaeus, is usually found near Rosemary Island in the neighborhood of Western Australia, but he's floated by to say Hi to ya!

Fortunately for him, Lim never uses any sort of boxfish in his recipes at Lim's Limericks so Polka dot has nothing to worry about from Lim or from his hungry belly...but his limericks are another matter entirely...

8.15.06>DINNER UPDATE: Well, I spoke too soon--Lim did cook up a mess o'boxfish the other night. It was a surprise to me that Lim would break his own rule, but it was a flakey and yummy treat, I must admit. Chef Lim never lets ya down!

8.9.06 8:58 pm


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