Aquarium Lore

Today I found a cool new blog concerning fishies called Aquarium Lore which you may like!

ART? No tropical fish portraits are completed just now...but stay tuned, fish-lovers...and scroll down just a ways to see the Dreamyfish SlideShow, if you like.

You may want to mosey over to my Cosmic Persona Designs Gallery, or take a break with Secret Moon Art where you'll see recently published images direct from my drafting board!

Besides: if you like cats, politics, cat photos, and limericks all schmooshed up together--and who doesn't?--try Lim's Limericks where the cats are politically inclined...and a bit pithy in their opinions as well.

Art On!

8.23.06 5:22 pm

For Dreamyfish Art ordering details--limited edition color prints or postcards: email and if this link doesn't work for you, it's:



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Anonymous said...

Great post and a bunch of good links, thanks!