FUKUSHIMA: What the Media & Governments are not telling YOU - Anonymous reports

These days freakishly huge sea creatures are turning up in various locations but don't worry, say government officials, Fukushima radiation isn't the problem at all!!!


In Astrology, planet Neptune (ancient god of the sea) describes a variety of concepts such as all liquids and gases, bodies of water including oceans, the sea creatures that inhabit the waters, and the toxins and chemicals that harm them. But astrological Neptune also inspires such realms as photography, film, acting, dancing, illusion, magic, and masks such as the one you see, above. Even anonymity peeks from veiling Neptune's bag of tricks.

So if you'd care for some lighter Neptunian content than radiated sea monsters, why not mosey over to my brand new blog Neptune's Silver Screen where horoscopes, film clips, and bios of Famous Film Stars are spotlighted--just be sure to BYOP (bring your own popcorn)!

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