Breaksea cod portrait now a sticker for Save Our Oceans!

Today's good news is that Breaksea cod is now appearing on cool stickers to remind us all to Save Our Oceans!

The bad news is that there's a lot of saving that needs to be done - even before the ongoing Gulf oil spill fiasco occurred. If someone wanted to break some hearts by way of sabotage or by negligence, they succeeded too well, didn't they?

Turns out that Halliburton was involved in the recent setting up of the oil platform that "exploded" so we'll see if the corporation's role is honestly and fully investigated, and if it amounts to anything.

Well, click above to view Breaksea cod's 'sticker debut' then visit Jude's Zazzle Art Shop to discover more fishy items fit for browsing, plus, a whole bunch of other designs besides...

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