Salmon Aquaculture now improved!

Perhaps you heard Living On Earth today and the interview concerning Monterey Bay Aquarium's Sea Food Watch giving its first-ever seal of approval to AquaSeed Corporation of Rochester, Washington, for coming up with a better, safer way to feed farmed salmon.

Salmon is my very favorite fish-for-dinner yet I know that for years now consumers have been warned off farmed salmon because it contains high levels of contaminants. Yet often here in Georgia, farmed salmon is all that's available for purchase.

Well, I hope these innovations in fish farming 'catch' on with salmon farmers across the land!

Now I have no drawings of salmon but here's a small Bengal sergeant who wishes to salute the AquaSeed Corporation - good job!

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Anonymous said...

The colours you chose makes it beautiful !

Jude Cowell said...

Thanks, Friend, i appreciate that muchly!!! Jude