'Scorpio Girl's new party frock' now a cool Beach Tote!

Know what? It pleases me to announce that one of my drawings Scorpio Girl's new party frock makes a smashing design for a Beach Tote...check out her sepia portrait trimmed coolly in brown, if you wish!

Perhaps if we move to Save Our Oceans before any more dilly-dawdling, we may keep a beach or two...bikinis optional.

Then snagging yourself a whimsical Beach Tote would make a lot more sense for carrying all your stuff (any time of year actually.)

Don't go! but if you must, please drop by a new Art Gallery at Sepia Art Theater where make-believe is behind the curtain and thespians may take their gracious bows & accept fragrant bouquets from ardent fans with much Leonine pride...it's Art, Drama, & Chocolates at Sepia Art Theater, and even Julia Child stops by for a small visit.

Here's icon and avatar of the Sepia Art Theater, Cosmea Collyns...that's Cos may' uh...click above and check out her portrait done in sepia as part of an Art Slideshow...

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