Dreamyfish Art Shop shapes up, Blue Tiger Art debuts

This particular rainy day in Georgia is being spent sprucing up my new Jude Cowell Art Shop featuring Dreamyfish Art portraits of tropical fish at Cafe Press...please browse, snorkel, or float by when you get a breather.

So far the Shop's variety of Cafe Press offerings include: Wall Art Posters, Greeting Cards, a Messenger Bag, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Pet Food Bowls, and a precious doggie sweater for Fido with a Dreamyfish image upon it, but not to fret for Fido probably won't notice there's a fish on his back...but a marine lover like you will.

Plus, there's a new Blue Tiger Art Shop now debuting so get in on the ground floor for tigery wild animal designs.

And you may wish to check out my new Zazzle Store, of Cosmic, Fish, and Tiger images galore. At Zazzle you'll discover designer Keds shoes, neckties, and more, all designed with Jude Cowell Art images - yet each product is customizable by you!

Also at Zazzle: you may wish to investigate a new design 'Pink Tiger Pink Moon' just for fun...

Why, lookee here, it's a Blue Tiger Art image now...

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