Marine debris can turn on your lights, says Red fairy basslet

September 18, 2009 Marine News:

Reuters reports that it's time for the 24th annual International Coastal Cleanup when thousands of volunteers worldwide participate in collecting marine debris from ocean coasts and waterways after which each piece is catalogued, indexed, and turned into clean, renewable energy to power our homes.

As you know, ocean debris is one of the biggest problems faced by marine life. Debris ruins water quality yet its ill effects are completely preventable.

But given humankind's sloppy ways, the next best thing to stopping the littering and dumping is this massive global movement to clean up waterways and coasts that deserve more care from their visitors and neighbors...that'd be us.

And you don't have to be a New-Age-y sort of Gaia fan to know that our Mother Earth mourns constantly on behalf of her watery creatures of the deep, the ones we treat so cavalierly at their, and at our own, peril.

If ever I've heard of a 'make lemonade out of lemons' solution for pollution, it would be the annual International Coastal Cleanup project, for we must have decent water in order to make the best lemonade.

Why its health and environmental benefits are too numerous to mention!

Red Fairy Basslet joins me in saying, Save Our Oceans!


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