Agora Gallery website's cool Art display

My favorite feature on NYC's Agora Gallery website (besides Dreamyfish Art being a proud link partner!) is their Art Slideshow set up as if various paintings are hanging behind the desk in their reception area.

And since you never know what genre of work will be displaying there, you may wish to check out their cool Art Exhibition from the comfort of your secure location, if you haven't done so!


Karin said...

Thanks, Jude! It's one of our favorite features, too :) For regular updates on Agora Gallery's exciting new exhibitions and emerging artists, subscribe to the Agora Gallery Fine Art Blog

Jude Cowell said...

Karin, thanks for the heads-up on the Gallery's feeds/s...am trying the Advice For Artist feed in sidebar here and have added Agora feeds to my other art blogs as well! Jude