Sargassum fish video + a Blue-spotted Trevally portrait

This National Geographic video shows Sargassum fish artfully camouflaging themselves to blend in with sargassum plants in order to ambush unsuspecting prey...kind of like Washington politicians who pretend to be caring human beings the better to pounce upon us, but never mind that.

And here's a pencil portrait of a little Blue-spotted Trevally from Western Australia - ready for his supper and wishing he could be as artful as a Sargassum fish!


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Plus, there are more botanical drawings and Children's and Cosmic Art to be viewed at Secret Moon Art for when you're in a most mysterious mood.

But there's one thing no longer a mystery: we must Save Our Oceans, people!


Anonymous said...

666; The Final Solution; and the Claim


Jude Cowell said...

Thanks, Kraxpelax - not sure why you left the link on Dreamyfish Art though! Does it apply in some way to botanical fish portraits?