Mermaid sighting!

A mythical mermaid has floated by the see what's up with fish portraits and videos here at Dreamyfish Art! Maya as Mermaid is a pencil drawing by yours truly, Jude Cowell.

And you may wish to visit my 'Tapestry Blog' of Art, Astrology, Politics, and the occasional harmless sprinkling of political poetry at Jude's Threshold if you have a moment to spare. Check the sidebar of Pages for a few Wedding Day Astrology Reports of famous couples, some who are no longer together. Bill and Hill are there!

Plus, you'll find even more Politics considered through a populist lens via the use of Astrology at Stars Over Washington where I mainly hang out.

Or, you may always mosey over to Lim's Limericks and get the snarly cat limericking over and done with!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I love it.

I mean I really looooove it.
Thanks for becoming my new friend darling, and I will see you soon.

Jude Cowell said...

Thanks to you Jesse - glad you love a mermaid! jude

Anonymous said...

We must work on a joint art project. We'll call it whatever.

Let's start thinking about it. How OK???????



Jude Cowell said...

What an interesting idea! ;p

Kush said...

I loved Ariel, the li'l mermaid. Kinda reminded me of her. That is an awesome portrait.


Jude Cowell said...

Thanks a bunch for your comment, Rhett! Mermaids are intriguing archetypes...I love fish too so mermaids can't be far behind! ;p