You May Cross the Great Water

You May Cross the Great Water is an I-Ching-inspired drawing and although you can't see any fishies, I'm sure they're glubbing under there somewhere!

To support a starving artist/astrologer's work by purchasing Limited Edition Color Prints or PostCards, please email for ordering details to: judecowell at gmail.com--payment bwo of PayPal is available for your convenience.

Another option is to check out my Cosmic Persona Designs storefront at Lulu.com.

And you may wish to discover new drawings posted at Secret Moon Art and Cosmic Persona Designs.

Or how about jude's threshold a variety mix of Art, Astrology with Politics, Beatles concerts, and the like.

Yet you may wish to check out new verses from Mr.A.Cat on some of the presidential candidates who are campaigning at us already at Lim's Limericks but do avoid if you tend to wear your political indoctrinations upon your sleeve...for who knew cats could be so political?

Also today I have published a Political Astrology post on the New Moon of May 16 (Wednesday) at Stars Over Washington where a big week is now in progress in our nation's capital...it's Whistleblowers Week...hope it does America and the whole world some good, don't you?

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