global warming raises risk of food poisoning

This drawing is titled, Moonlighter's Confession and has a sad tale to tell--but there's another sad tale in this AP article from Canada (the US article disappeared while I was typing so I'll try linking to this version of the same article):
Seafood poisoning on the rise concerning the rarely fatal but horrid ciguatera poisoning gotten from eating tropical fish such as barracuda, grouper, and other fish who hang out around coral reefs.

Global warming and pollution are damaging our oceans' coral reefs and this is but one of the sorry outcomes as 50,000+ people worlwide suffer ciguatera poisoning each year--and cases are on the increase, sad to say--including in the US.

It's a miserable condition--with no antidote--which should be given a heads-up to tropical-fish-eaters everywhere.

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