A Future Without Fish?

The NYTimes has an article on the possible upcoming global collapse of fish populations worldwide.

29% of species have been fished so heavily or are so affected by pollution or loss of habitat that they're down to 10% of previous levels--aka as "collapse."

There are those against the prediction--the Bush administration as you would expect in their science-iness kind of way--yet 2048 is estimated as the target date after data from 1950--2003 was studied within all 64 large marine ecosystems worldwide.

Overfishing, pollution, loss of habitat = a recipe for "A Future Without Fish."

You'll find a link in the article to the journal Science where this study appears.

All the Dreamyfish say, let's Save the Fishes and Oceans! It's not too late, and they're are many things which can help if we begin now to avoid A Future Without Fish.

11.4.06 11:07 am


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