Pale sweetlips--pucker up!

Someone new has floated into the Dreamyfish Art Gallery--it's Pale sweetlips, Plectorhynchus pictus (Thunberg).

A denizen of the North West Cape area of Western Australia, you see him here in a swirl of colors and lovin' it!

10.3.06 4:15 pm

Art and Flash Fiction Alert! Now available online: October 2006 issue of Emerging Visions: Scales, Veils, and Tales just for you!


Update 10.14.06: Just found Karen Christopher's marvelous undersea photos at fantaSeas where you may view her gallery of photos from all over--or under--the marine world!

And if you love nature, art, and nature conservation, float over to Worldwide Nature Artists Group to see professional artwork of most any critter you care to see, as well as lovely landscapes, too.

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