Breaksea cod

Re-posting this drawing because it's one of my favorite tropical fish portraits I've ever ever done...click December 2005 in the Archives List for his personal details.



June 26, Monday: LibraMoon, aka Laurie Corzett, has published her E-Zine this very day...JUNE NEW MOON Issue #2 is LIVE online at Emerging Visions with Art, Flash Fiction, and Poetry...check it out!

And visit Lim's Limericks by A.Cat for a sampling of the constents of three mysterious packets which I received full of limericks and verses concerning the exploits of Mr.A.Cat in service of his country.

BUT--if you wear your political indoctrinations on your sleeve you would do well to avoid these limericks AT ALL COSTS! A word to the wise from a little bird who told me...

Jude Cowell 7.14.06 5:55 pm edt

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Great Work!!!
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